My designs may not follow trends or fashions because I aspire to the individuality of a one of a kind piece. I aspire to uniqueness.
I enjoy creating personal pieces, with stories that people can identify with. Stories that speak about a shared connection between the author and the wearer.
Jewelry is so much more than just the clarity or preciousness of the stone or the rarity of the material. It's about meaning and beauty. It's art that you can wear and through which you can tell your story.

Flights of spring

The first change in the season. A delicate flutter of wings. The soft emergence of beauty. A delicate color among the ice.

The soft colours and the delicate shapes of the pieces represent the first change in season after the cold ice of winter. Nature waking up and taking its first steps toward full bloom.

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Beauty of nature

Buds. Leaves. Flowers. Drops. Colors. Gemstones.

In nature, beauty is everywhere, in all things and places. There is beauty in a flower. There is beauty in a rock. There is beauty in mountains,valleys and hills. There is beauty in a bauble. There is even beauty in a dying flower. All you have to do is look.

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Twisted shapes

Twists. Angles. Bends. Corners. Structures. Beauty in the skeleton that we use to build upon. beauty in the rough stone I use for maximum brilliance.

Angular rough stones, mixed with sharp corners and a dash of colour to create the ultimately spectacular shape.

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