Grill point

Flights of spring

Through this collection I tried to capture the fragile beauty of spring, the beautiful season that is to come. I have always been drawn to butterflies; their vibrant vivid colors, their graceful flight, their delicate appearance that inspire despite their short lifespan. Whenever I see a butterfly I am filled with happiness, peace and tranquility.
An emergence of beauty. A soft flutter of wings. A spot of delicate color among the iciness. Nature waking up taking its first steps towards full bloom.
The collection has a special meaning to me symbolizing that after a hard and difficult time we get a ray of sunshine. And those little rays are the first steps toward summer.

Material: 925 silver
Gemstone: purple and green fluorite
Material: 925 silver
Gemstone: pink quartz
Material: 925 silver
Gemstone: labradorite